Saturday, May 17, 2014

The Sports Banquet Comes to the people LIVE; Big Week on The Network

The Espys? Oscars? Golden Globes? 


How about The Hawksies? 

No. Wait...The Hendis....that might work. 

Nah...let's just stick to the Sports Banquet.

Last night represented yet another Network first, as many of the major sports personalities that have brought you non-stop coverage of Hendricken sports for well over a year now made their way, for the first time, to West Valley Inn for the annual Hendricken Sports Awards Banquet. Network stalwarts Stone Freeman, Cam Brennan, Zach Johnson, Max Zweiner - and, of course, the irrepressible Dylan "DT" Barron - were on hand to provide a program that ran the gamut from first-rate interviews of many of the award recipients as well as school president Mr. Jackson, to a year-in-review look back at the various accomplishments of our sports teams, to Zach Johnson's edgy take on who was wearing what to the Hendis, making sure to note those in the most fashionable attire.

The venerable Coach Quigley did his annual masterful job of MC'ing the night's festivities, as always lending the appropriate air of dignity and respect to all that our young men have accomplished throughout the course of the school year.

A unique feature that we brought to those who chose to watch at home was to present a split screen format for the entire night - in the top Ustream box, viewers were able to watch The Network's anchors on 'press row', so to speak, while they discussed all things Hendricken sports and interviewed our athletes;

in the bottom Ustream box, viewers were able to watch the entire ceremony as it progressed throughout the evening. 

The first half of the 'press row' part of the broadcast can be seen here, while the second half can be seen in the top Ustream viewer. The entire presentation of the evening's general events can still be seen, from beginning to end, in the bottom Ustream viewer.

Video streaming by Ustream

All in all, it was a great, great evening and a terrific new 'first' for The Network. Look for even better annual broadcasts of the sports awards banquet in years to come.


This week also represents a lot of activity in Hawks' sports right here on The Network. On Sunday, May 18th, the "Valdepenas" lacrosse game will be played at 2pm against the Barrington Eagles, one of the top teams in the state. This is the annual contest when we as a community honor the memory of fallen marine Eric Valdepenas, an '03 Hendricken graduate who tragically lost his life defending our country while on maneuvers in Iraq. Eric was everything that a Hendricken man and leader should be, to say nothing of his skill with the lacrosse stick.

We'll go live from Hayden Stadium at about 1:50 tomorrow afternoon. 

On Monday, the Hawks' baseball team will be playing at least part of their game under the lights, as they venture up to Johnston to take on the Panthers at Memorial Park at 6pm. The Network will carry that game live. 

Tuesday will represent another split-screen affair from our broadcast teams, as at 6pm the team of Max Zweiner and Zach Johnson - I guess we can refer to them as the "Z-squared" team - will bring to Hendricken sports fans the lacrosse game from Hayden Stadium (Hawks Sports Network 1, in the top viewer), and then at 6:30 Cam Brennan and Stone Freeman will bring Hawks' volleyball to the people, live, from Pepin Gym (Hawks Sports Network 2, bottom viewer). Both games will be broadcast simultaneously, live. 

We'll also have the baseball team's game versus Cranston West on Wednesday, live, beginning at about 3:50 pm. 

It's gonna be a busy week in the Hendricken sports media world.  Be sure to tune in.