Friday, June 20, 2014




As a result of the success of Hendricken's still new and evolving sports media network, The Hawks Sports Network, the school and the program's director, Mr. John Feeny, have decided to offer a summer workshop that will introduce younger students to what is more and more quickly coming to be known as the "New Media."

It goes without saying that technology, especially technology that is redefining the concept of communication, is changing and improving on nearly a daily basis.  Not only has this changed the manner by which we communicate with one another but  also the way by which we get our news.  Obviously, the mainstream news networks are still the most powerful media agencies, but internet technology and social media sites and networks have now made it possible for anyone - from a younger person right up to a more experienced individual to entire schools and colleges - to establish their own "news" networks.

Many of us who came of age in the 1980's remember the early days of ESPN, days when that network was considered something of a strange novelty.  Here at Bishop Hendricken, we've now made the leap - for the most part, very successfully, though there is certainly still more for us to learn - from offering either a course or an extracurricular "club" of sorts in journalism or mass communication to actually running our own sports network.  Parents - especially grandparents who live in different parts of the country - have on many occasions spoken to our administrators about how much they appreciate the opportunity to watch their son(s)/grandson(s) play in games that they themselves would otherwise not have the opportunity to see.  Hendricken students do the research leading up to games, the play-by-play and analysis of live games, write accounts of games and teams' progress, participate in live sports talk shows (much like sports radio or shows that one might see on NESN), camera work, etc.  By extension, it has also opened up a whole new outlet for our young men to participate in our athletic program, only as actual reporters.

Essentially, The Hawks Sports Network brings under one roof the concept of blogging/journalism, live-streaming games, real-time highlights, real-time updates/news via Twitter and Facebook, and podcasting/radio shows.   As technology continues to develop, students will need to have the skills to use these tools, learn to use these tools carefully, appropriately, and wisely, and to use them in such a manner as to build a foundation for their potential careers and/or success.

For those interested parents and students, The Hawks Sports Network can currently be found at; however, since the network has continued to expand, we will be going to a fully-functioning website beginning in September, the address for which is not yet available.

Summer Program

The Network's summer program will be held for two separate, one-week sessions.  Those weeks will be July 28- August 1st and August 4th-August 8th.  The summer program will also coincide with the legendary Best Hoops summer basketball camp (run by former Hendricken basketball coach Steve Cesseretti and current 8-time state championship Hendricken coach Jamaal Gomes), and consequently, there will some live coverage of Best Hoops - from talk shows and interviews to live game coverage - in which the boys in The Network camp will be able to participate.

During the course of each two-week session, those in the summer program will be able to be part of the following:

*presentations in the school's theatre of segments of some of the more important Hendricken athletic contests of the past year, which includes all of the coverage of those games (live play-by-play and analysis, interviews, articles, podcasts, etc.) produced by Hendricken students

*the opportunity to talk to not only the Hendricken students involved in the media coverage of those games but also the coaches and/or  the players

*introduction to all of the social media tools utilized by the students in The Hawks    
   Sports Network
*the opportunity to learn to use all of those tools
*Shown how to set up their own sports network at home
*learn to "embed" video and audio into their own sports coverage
*learn to make their own sports videos

*participate in a LIVE, one-hour sports talk show at the end of
  each day
*participate in helping to set up and produce each daily sports
  talk show

*the opportunity to sit in on the LIVE coverage of portions of
  the Best Hoops summer basketball camp

Cost for each weekly session is $250, which will include lunch.  During those two weeks, members of the Hawks Sports Network will also be LIVE broadcasting various Hendricken summer athletic contests; specific ones are yet to be determined.  Should a summer camper wish to "join us in the booth" and to participate in the call of those games, a schedule of those games will be provided.  The cost for that add-on will be $50.


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