Thursday, January 9, 2014

Next Question.....

Today we here at The Network unveil what we hope will become one of the intermittent 'staples' of our programming, a show called "Next Question".  Every so often we'll gather a number of our anchors to come into the studio and answer ten random questions, all based upon one particular, big-ticket issue currently at the heart of the sporting world.

We premiere the new format with ten reasonably relevant questions based on the upcoming divisional round of the NFL playoffs.  Cam Brennan, Zach Johnson, Dylan "The Rookie", Remy Morris, and Nick Bianco put their knowledge on the hot seats this afternoon and faced questions ranging from Deion Branch to Peyton Manning and from Andrew Luck to Marvin Lewis.  Virtually the entire show can be viewed in the central UStream screen at the top of the page.  

Strap yourselves's somewhat of a bumpy ride.