Tuesday, January 14, 2014

"Stone & Z" Almost Come to Blows

Well...that was interesting.  Or maybe it was entertaining.  I'm not sure which.

It's Tuesday, so that usually means that it's time for another edition of the "Stone & Z Show." The two venerable anchors of one of The Network's longest-lasting shows were joined by the irrepressible thinker and voice of reason Cam Brennan, but it almost didn't make a difference.

Today's topics were more or less limited to upcoming Championship Weekend (with most of the discussion focused on the Pats-Broncos game) and the ongoing saga that is Alex Rodriguez.  The A-Rod talk led to a larger discussion of steroids, which, ironically, seemed to lead a special type of 'roid rage that gripped both Stone and Z in their...um...disagreement...about whether steroids has any place in baseball (and, I suppose, by extension, all of sports).

The last few minutes of the segment that's provided above in the central UStream viewer is...well...entertaining.  It got a bit dicey for a while.

Thank God Cam Brennan was there.