Friday, April 18, 2014

Hawks Take 4 1/2 innings to go to 6-0, Crush Saints, 15-2

Apparently, abbreviated games were the theme of yesterday afternoon.

On the more practical front, our baseball guys left zero room for discussion in their matchup with St. Ray's, invoking the mercy rule in pounding the Saints, 15-2.  Senior Anthony Graziano looked strong on the mound, and the Hawks' bats were ringing from the  moment they came to bat in the first inning.

On the more conceptual front, abbreviation was the name of the game as well, as the boys up in the broadcast booth experienced some technical difficulties that couldn't be immediately resolved, so we had to pack it up and call it a day fairly early.

As it turned out, the viewing audience didn't really miss a whole lot.
What little of the game made out into the broadcast world can still be seen in the first viewer at the top of the page.

On behalf of the entire Network crew, I extend our belated apologies.  Those issues should be resolved for our next broadcast, which will be Tuesday, Aprill 22nd, when the Hawks travel to Cranston East for a 3:45 contest.

One thing's for sure - with the direction in which the length of baseball games seems to be traveling these days, the occasional abbreviated game can sometimes be refreshing.

Just sayin'.