Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Volleyball Hangs First "W" on the Board, Downs Barrington 3-1

To this point, it's been a tough year for Coach Harrington and the volleyball team. 

As the schedule has unfolded - and assuming a full compliment of healthy players - we've come to see that this is a competitive team, albeit a fairly young one. With quite a few talented juniors on this year's squad, our guys may have to experience some growing pains while also possibly acknowledging that they may, in fact, be a year away. 

In our broadcasts here on The Network so far, we've seen a very competitive contest against LaSalle, but we've also seen our guys take it on the chin from Mt. St. Charles. Last night, however, despite some significant injuries - most notably to Jacob Eland and Ira Lough - our guys were able to score a fairly decisive victory over Barrington, three sets to one. The game was broadcast live right here on The Network, with Cam Brennan and Max Zweiner doing their usual first-rate job of play-by-play and analysis, and Johnathan Feeny handled camera duties.

Viewers can still watch the game - the latter portion is available in the first viewer at the top of the page, and the earlier portion can be seen right here:

Video streaming by Ustream

From the get-go, the Hawks seemingly had control of the game, taking the first two sets in reasonably quick fashion by scores of 25-8 and 25-21. With The Hawks on the verge of a three-game sweep, however, up 20-15 in the third set, the Eagles staged a furious comeback, outscoring our guys 10-2 the rest of the way to steal a 25-22 win. The Hawks recovered in the fourth set, though, and took the final set in reasonably convincing fashion. 

Some of the highlights from last night's contest can be seen here:

....and, of course, the winning point of the match:

So, with a young but talented core (and, unfortunately, some injuries as well), the Hawks look to build on this first win and a strong season.