Tuesday, February 26, 2013

A Sit-Down with The Bishop Hendricken Hawk

Since its inception in 1959, our school has been a place where great things happen, from the classroom to the athletic fields to assisting those in need.  Through it all, however, there has been one constant:

The Hawk.

He is always there, at our athletic events, our pep rallies, and occasionally at events at which you'd least expect him, lending a wing, always watcful, our silent protector that we seemingly always take for granted.

But do we really know The Hawk?

Fortunately for our school community, The Hawks Sports Network convinced our mascot to find time between his daily disembowelment of those pesky squirrels and pigeons that litter our campus and to sit down for an interview. 

All we here at The Network can say is this:

You Don't Know The Hawk.