Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Outlooks for Hawks' 2013 X-Country & Soccer

By Niko Spentzos

The 2013 Hawks’ Cross Country team is looking for its sixth consecutive state championship, but there’s tough competition on the paths ahead, primarily archrival La Salle, who is ranked first in the state. Our guys will also face stiff challenges from East Greenwich, North Kingstown, and Cumberland.

This year’s runners are a confident bunch, and they’re working as hard as they can each day in order to reach their pre-season goals. The Hawks will be led this year by senior Colin Tierney and junior Michael Potter. Other strong varsity contributors will be sophomore Avery Ingegneri, junior Grant Gauthier, and Junior Tom Grizzetti. The junior varsity team also looks to be strong this year, and the freshman team is progressing very well and is only going to continue to develop. The ultimate goal for the entire program is to sweep the state championships at all three levels this year. __________________________________________________

by Tyler Lancaster

Coach Johnston took a few minutes to answer some quick questions about the expectations for this year's soccer team. When asked whom he expected to lead the team, he responded, "First and foremost, we expect the captains to step up. They're captains for a reason. They have to be the ones to whom every other player can look for leadership in close games. Most importantly, though, is the idea that as coaches, we see more than soccer players out on the field; we see young men, for whom we also have to be concerned academically as well as from a growth standpoint. So, in that sense, we expect them all to step up."

Coach J also responded in clear and direct ways as to which team or teams he most looking forward to playing ("all of them") as well the long term-goals for the team by the end of the season ("state championship"). When asked if he had anything to add for parents and fans of the team, he added, "The fans have to keep up the support and always in positive ways. Not only do our players - in all sports - represent the school, but all of you do as well."