Monday, February 24, 2014

"College Hoops 101" Debuts...Again

The Network's 'voice of reason', Cam Brennan, has had for some time his sights set on bringing back his original show, "College Hoops 101".  Because of The Network's much busier schedule and some other entanglements, it was difficult to make it happen - until today.

At long last, Cam finally gets to bring his vast understanding of the college basketball landscape to the people.  Today he was joined by his new sidekick, Network newcomer Rob Bernard.  In an abbreviated show, Cam and Rob touched upon all of the important issues in the college basketball, both local and national - the post-season prospects of the Providence College Friars, their take on what shape the field of 64 will take, and tonight's big games.  

So, if you're a fan, have a look at what Cam and Rob have to offer.  Viewers can still watch the majority of the show in the UStream box at the top of the page.