Monday, February 10, 2014

Stone, Z, & Cam Break Things Down Again

It's Monday, so it's time for another edition of....something.

Admittedly, The Network's schedule of talk shows has been somewhat unpredictable of late, but for our millions of fans out there, have faith...we are, indeed, working to rectify that situation. For now, however, all those who can't get enough of The Network's original programming will have to make do with what has become more or less weekly editions of "The Stone & Z Show", with the Voice of Reason - Cam Brennan - adding his quality insight to the discussion.

Today the boys discussed topics ranging from the Celtics' re-building (or tanking), to the state of the Lakers, some college basketball (including the quickly rising stock of Hendricken's own Billy Baron), and the quickly-approaching Red Sox spring training.  The latter part of the show can still be seen in the central UStream viewer at the top of the page, and the earlier portion can be seen by clicking on our UStream link at the bottom.