Monday, November 4, 2013

...And the Beat Goes On....

Let's face it, fellas....we all know that Hendricken is about a lot more than athletics, even though the naysayers throughout the state love to say otherwise.  There may be those who accuse us of being the proverbial "gym with a school attached", but we know that our faith, our academics, and our community speak for themselves.

Competing successfully in the athletic arena may not define us....but it sure is a whole lot of fun, now ain't it?

With all due respect to Mount St. Charles's historic hockey dynasty (well deserved, of course), consider several of our sports: swimming (24 consecutive state titles), baseball (three consecutive titles, in the context of roughly a decade-and-a-half of dominance), basketball (recently champions of seven consecutive state titles), and, of course, football (making a serious run at a fourth consecutive Super Bowl state title this season).

If we hadn't earlier, we can now add cross-country dominance to that list.

On Sunday, the Bishop Hendricken XC team became the first team in state history to rack up a sixth consecutive state title, all the more impressive since seemingly no one gave our guys a serious shot at the crown this year.  The team was lead by senior standout Colin Tierney, who finished as the state's individual champion and the tenth individual state champion in school history. Other standout performances on the day came from Michael Potter (3rd), Tom Grizzetti (6th), Colin Manning (9th), and Dom Parlato (18th).  In fact, it was Dom's stretch run that helped to provide the team with its eventual five-point margin of victory.

There's been plenty of media coverage of the Hawks'accomplishment as well. A fantastic article highlighting our guys at MileSplitRI: ...and NBC10, ABC6, and the Providence Journal all weighed in as well:
All in all, it's been an unbelievable fall season for the cross country team. Just the look on those two fellas' faces says it all, now doesn't it? The Hawks aren't finished yet, though - next, they travel to Manchester, NH, this Saturday to compete in the New Englands. Hopefully, they bring home even more hardware to the hallowed halls. 

And The Network will be there with the coverage.