Tuesday, November 26, 2013

What Happens When "The Three Stooges" Meets "The Stone & Z Show"?

Ah, yes....the beginning of the holiday season....turkey, cranberry sauce, talk of Santa, Rudolph, and all that snowy stuff...so festive.

Then there's Festivus for the rest of us....and that's where "The Stone & Z Show" comes in.

This afternoon, our unbiased New England-based talk show hosts were joined by the venerable Cam Brennan of "The 4th & Inches Show" for a holiday roundtable of sorts.  The primary talking points centered around the Bruins' recent surge, the Celtics' early season weirdness (do they want to lose games, or don't they?), and the Patriots and the NFL playoff scenarios going forward following the Pats' incredible comeback win against the Broncos this past Sunday night.

All this, plus technical difficulties to the left of us and to the right of us....if only we'd been clued in on a new firewall going online (perhaps that's something we might want to know about??), maybe today's show wouldn't have been such a scattered mess.

But, as Coach Belichek says, "It is what it is."

If you haven't yet had the opportunity to tune into any of The Network's high-quality original programming, next week might be a good time to start, with the NFL playoff picture beginning to crystallize and our own varsity football Hawks going into the semi-finals of the state playoffs and beginning their run at Rhode Island schoolboy history.  Viewers can interact with the shows by live tweeting to @bhsportsnetwork.

The larger portion of this afternoon's show can be seen in the UStream viewer at the top of the page.