Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Unified Sports Give the Hawks Even More Options

It goes without saying that throughout our entire community and here at The Network, we get to celebrate and comment upon the state championships that we annually rack up.  With the school year only 1/4 into the books, we've already taken the Cross Country state title - the program's sixth in a row - and we're looking forward to seriously contending in football, basketball, swimming, wrestling, hockey, and baseball, in addition to others.  Now, however, we can add yet another banner to the many already handing from the rafters:

the 2013 Unified Volleyball State Champions.

This past Sunday our guys came, saw, and conquered.  The Barrington Eagles - a worthy opponent - stood in the Hawks' way, but only one of these birds of prey emerged holding the trophy, that being the team led by the likes of Austin "Great Wall of Volleyball" Crawford, Matt Mangili, Chris Zimmerly, Antonio Piccarillo, and Josh Mernick.  From outstanding serves, great front line work, and some incredible rallies, all members of the Hawks' Unified Volleyball squad contributed to the two victories, which came by scores of 25-16 and 25-15.

Congratulations go out to all members of the team, as well as Coaches Mr. Graney and Miss Shank, both of whom put so much time and so much of themselves into this year's team. Awesome accomplishment.

Coach Graney and the entire team expressed their feelings and their excitement about winning the state championship in an interview with The Network's Bobby Bordieri: