Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Open Forum..."Stone & Z" Take on Cam from "4th & Inches"


Petty difficulties all the way around at The Network this afternoon.....wi-fi issues, "Z" was late, ostensibly to finish a lab (as though he'a actually a legitimate student), Mr. Feeny running two productions at once, cats and dogs living together....simply mass hysteria.  In the middle of all this chaos stepped Cam Brennan of "4th & Inches" fame to save the day's programming, only to be re-joined by "Z" at the last minute.  So, we figured, 'why not?' Open forum it was.

As the Red Sox proved this year, chemistry can be a beautiful thing, and the sports talk during this segment was truly first-rate, ranging from the Red Sox and their looming decisions in free agency, to an assessment of the Patriots' 7-2 record heading into the bye week, to the Celtics' 0-4, somewhat weird start to the season.  A segment of the show can be viewed in the Ustream viewer at the top of the site, and, if you're so inclined, other segments of the show can be seen by clicking on The Network's Ustream link at the bottom of the page.

Good stuff here.  Good stuff.