Thursday, March 6, 2014

Dan Koppen Meets with The Mainstream Press

One of the great and, unfortunately, usually undiscussed things about the emergence of the New Media is that those who are active 'citizen journalists' - be it sports, news, local events, etc., etc. - often upstage the actual mainstream press (entities such as local TV news and newspapers). The most formidable force in this regard has been the evolution and creative use of Twitter, which puts perpetual 'eyes on the ground', so to speak, around the globe.

Such is the case with The Network's efforts as well. Last week we were informed that former Patriot, two-time Super Bowl champion, and all-pro center Dan Koppen would be joining our football coaching staff as a volunteer assistant. Like it or not, mainstream press, but The Network had that story days before it appeared in print or on television. The interview that our crack Network team did with Mr. Koppen can be seen here:

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Of course, any time that major news breaks, it is necessary for the mainstream media to cover it. As such, the major news networks were here yesterday afternoon for the press conference set up by our school in order to formally introduce Mr. Koppen as one of our coaches. That piece can be seen here:

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Let's just keep a sense of perspective here, folks. We all know which Network is the force to be reckoned with.