Tuesday, March 11, 2014

The Network's Coverage of Hawks Basketball Continues

When we last left the Hawks' basketball team, they were walking off the court after having been soundly beaten by (The School That Shall Not Be Named) LaSalle.  


We here at The Network also were led to believe that that was a wrap, so to speak, on our coverage for hoops action for the season, despite the fact that the Open State Championship was still to come. Ordinarily, those rights belong to Cox Sports.  During the course of the school day today, however, it was learned that Cox does not, in fact, own the rights to the early rounds this year, and with the blessing of the Interscholastic League....

The Network lives to broadcast another day.

As a result, Johnathan Feeny and Cam Brennan will once again don the mics and bring you all the action from CCRI tomorrow night.  If you can't make the game, then tune in - let's build the online support. Remember, you can interact with the broadcast team throughout the game at the following Twitter handles -

The Network - @bhsportsnetwork
Cam Brennan - @Cam_Brennan
Johnathan Feeny - @JThanFeenSports

You can also like us at Facebook (Hendricken Sports Network), and you can follow the in-game highlights at Instagram (hawkssportsnetwork).

The Madness Lives On.