Monday, March 17, 2014

Network Bracket-Busting

The final four of the Rhode Island Open State Basketball tournament (where the Hawks and Rams go head-to-head once again) isn't the only game in town this week.  While it might seem that way, there is another tournament that will be garnering a few headlines as well. In fact, our own Big East champions, the Providence College Friars, have secured a first-round date against the always-powerful North Carolina Tar Heels.

In an effort to ramp things up, The Network's Cam Brennan, Stone Freeman, Zach Johnson, and Rob Bernard went in-studio this afternoon to break things down in our first Bracket-Busting Spectacular.   The boys go through all the regions, explain the reasoning behind their picks, and make predictions on the Final Four.  

The entire show can be seen in the lower viewer (Hawks Sports Network 2) at the top of the site.

Who needs ESPN, FoxSports1, NESN, or CSNNE to bring you first-rate bracket analysis, when we have The Network's own experts right here in school?

The billion dollars is as good as ours.  That's a lot of cameras and mics right there.  Yessir.