Saturday, March 15, 2014

Hockey Saves Best for Last, Levels the Mount with Furious 3rd-Period Rally, Takes 1-0 Lead in Title Series

It might be fair to say that the Mount St. Charles Mounties never knew what hit them. It happened so fast, with such force, and was so decisive that it probably wouldn't surprise anyone if the Mount players left the ice last night wondering what happened during the final four minutes of last night's first game of the state title series.

The Providence Journal's slideshow from the game can be seen HERE.

Over the course of the school year, we here at The Network have brought as much live coverage of games to Hendricken fans as we've been able. Last night, however, we were unable to cover the game live, because Cox Sports owns the rights to broadcasting the championship series. As I do not have Cox Cable at home (I'm a Dish Network guy), I was only able to follow the action on Twitter....but what came across The Network's Twitter feed at around 9 pm was unbelievable.

From what I could gather from the intermittent Tweets over the course of the game, the 'theme' of the night, so to speak, for the Hawks was "respond". It seemed that each time the Mounties scored, the Hawks went right to the attack and answered. For example, Mount scored the game's first goal in the second period at the tail end of a power play; 45 seconds later, Andrew Fera tied the game for our guys.

Mount scored a goal toward the beginning of the third period, and when this tweet came across the feed, things were beginning to feel a a bit bleak:

A short time later, though, what felt like an unbelievable sequence of events took place.

Brandon Mitchell tied the score at two goal apiece with this goal...

...Jonathan Finelli followed immediately after that...

...and then Jamie Armstrong finished things off with another goal at 12:09 and an empty-netter for good measure.



So, tonight's game #2 will answer one of two questions: can the Hawks take that ferocity into tonight's action and keep their proverbial skates on the throats of the defending state champions, or can the Mount pick themselves up off the mat and recover in time from such a swift and shocking change in momentum?

Stay tuned.

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